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September 23, 2008

Here’s an interesting news. Wanna grow balloons? I have a special formula. Okay, first take a sip of water. It must not cost more than 1.00 a cup. Place a ‘X’ on the spot where you want your balloons to sprout. Demonstration below.

A cool cup of pure orange juice

Take a bite of fried ice-cream and ta-ta! all my favorite color balloons start popping up. Oh! I’m feeling so light headed.

Okay, stop kidding around. I know you don’t believe me anyway. Actually, I was at the food fair held in conjunction with my city day festival. My family and I went there several times and each time, we try out some different food. My favorite stalls was of course the balloons stall. On the first day, I bought the tweety bird balloon which cost RM10. My bro said is was an Indian tweety cos it has a red dot on it’s forehead. To my surprise, it stay floated for almost a week but now,

well…… look at my tweety now.

My tweety is out of oxygen 😦 i wanted to get another one but of course mom said NO!