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Thank you KoKos!

September 20, 2008

Since I have started this blog, I am so excited and very enthusiastic about it. I look forward to update my post each day. Will I run out of topics? Never mind, if I do, I’ll snoop around for interesting stuff to post about. Look out there! Anyway, I am learning from my 2 KOKO (bros) and they’ve taught me how to use the tools in wordpress and helping me out here and there. They have even visited my blog and posted their comments. Tnks ya! I love you. 🙂

So on this post, I want to show my gratitude and appreciation to you both. ( But that doesn’t mean I will not be a nuisance at times and if you bully me, I will still fight back ) ha.ha.ha……. 😀 I decided to be more “creative‘, instead of just blurring your faces, I am promoting my art instead. For my KOKO on the left, it’s nothing personal, just creative art 🙂 ( well…..maybe it was a tiny bit personal and that’s for laughing very sarcastically at my drawing last night.) Below are my dedication to you, KOKOs