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September 24, 2008

Look at me. Am I famous or what? Is this for real Bella, you may ask? Hehehe…… well, I am certainly enjoying creating it. With the courtesy of these websites, I am able to do this with my photos. Cool isn’t it. It’s so easy. Since I started this blog, I have learnt so many things. Each time I am introduced to new stuff, I would get very excited and with my mom and bros help, I can get my post all dress up and ready to show the world. I am allowed only an hour on net each day and 3hrs on weekends. My bros too have their own allocated time limit. Hmmmm….. I think i need to negotiate my time limit ……

I am a fishergirl, come and buy my fish………… lah… lah….

Say cheeze…


Am I cool or wat?? 🙂