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Stop crowing rooster!

September 30, 2008

Not long ago, I paid a visit to my cousins. The once baby rooster that my cousin Calvin kept as his pet had grown into a giant rooster. Gosh! I have never seen such a big rooster before. It was kept in it’s den and when I went to have a closer look at it, it just kept crowing not stop. My KoKo said that it’s a show off. Calvin, my cousin told us that his giant rooster will peck people if given the chance. I dare not go too near it’s den as I was afraid that it might fly out and attack me. I enjoy going over to my cousin’s house because he has so many pets. He has 4 fierce dogs, 6 cute puppies, 5 fighting fish, 3 turtles and 6 cats. He is so lucky because his mom allows him to have so many pets. It was one noisy night because the rooster won’t stop crowing and the dogs bark non-stop whenever they see us.

kokko….kook,koke,kook….. 🙂

WOO! What a beautiful bird!

Here rooster, rooster. Oh no! I think I caught his attention.

Wanna see if who can scream louder??

Hey you! Stop that crowing. It’s rude!

Scary fierce dog. Bark non-stop.

Ah…. that’s better.

Aren’t they cute. They belong to my cousin, Calvin.  These puppies are only 1 week old. One died a few days ago.