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I found my Pikachu

October 6, 2008

A few years ago, Pikachu was one of the most popular cartoon character on the TV show called Pokemon. During those time, I remember my bros and I will always wait for the show which is aired every Saturday evenings. There is the Pokemon cards collection, CDs, soft toys etc. I think most of the kids were crazy about Pokemon. As for me, I got interested because my bros were always talking about it. Among the many Pokemons, my favorite was Pikachu. As my bros grew older, they started to lose interest in it. Soon, my interest turns to other new cartoons. Then during this long Hari Raya holidays, I decided to do some treasure hunting around the house. Then I found my long forgotten Pikachu stashed away in a box underneath all the unused items in the storeroom. Boy! Am I glad to hug it again. 🙂

Pikachu having a ride

Lost and found.

i am drawing Pikachu and Una, my hamster singing together.


My paint work

August 29, 2008

One of my favorite leisure time is drawing.  I love to draw cartoon characters that I adore.   Although I usually draw on my scrape books but here are some that I try it out on my computer.  It’s so much faster and easier.

Pikachu playing outdoor

Leo the lion standing proud

The Lion king sitting under the moonlight

My pet turtle

I love Momo.