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What a day!

November 10, 2008

Last weekend was a fine day and I thought it was a great day to go out and do something. I decided to ask my KoKo if he wanted to take a walk in the park with me. Not interested he said. Then I asked my other KoKo, and he replied ” no chance”. Mom said busssssssssssy! I was so frustrated cos I really wanted to go out and do something. In the end, an idea popped up. Ting! Photography. Okay, it was not that fantastic but then I did something.


Me sitting in the park, just sitting and doing nothing


LOOK what I’ve found! While i was roaming outside the house and look what caught my attention. I found an abandoned bird’s nest in one of our palm trees. At first, I was so excited that there might be a bird’s egg in it, and so I took the high chair and managed to pulled down the leaves, take a pic before peeping into the nest but to my disappointment, it was empty. Anyway, I took the nest down and gave it a new home in one of mommies fake plant in the front porch.


This is my pet turtle. We’ve 3 turtles, one for each of us. Mine is the smallest. Does that looks like a turtle egg to you? Hahaha……silly, it only a large white stone.