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Get painted

October 16, 2008

Hellooooooo…….okay, i didn’t post yesterday cos i was busy finishing my homework. Gosh! When can a student get her breaks. Final semester exam is just around the corner, need to study, study, study. I will be ban from blogging during exam period. If i don’t get good grades, then bye bye blogging. ‘sniff’. So far I’ve done good. Well, touch wood. Once the exams are over, I wanna kick back and relax. Yeah, play, play, play and more play. I’m just an average in school but very smart at home, hehehehe……..

I want to post a picture of me getting painted. Hahaha……. not like I’m getting painted but oh well, see for yourself. Hmmmmmm….. wonder how much $$$$$$$$$ is it worth????????? 🙂

Thanks Mr. Larkin for putting me up on paint. 🙂