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Ouch! That hurts.

October 13, 2008

I had a fall yesterday.  It was a windy afternoon and I was at the back of my house playing with my hamster.  Yes, I have a new hamster for about 2 months now.  I called him Midnight.  Why??  He gets very active at night and sleeps most of the day.  He is quite a chubby little ham.  Unlike Una, my little dwarf hamster, Midnight is a bigger and fatter.  I don’t dare to take him out of the cage yet cos I’m afraid he might bite me.

Midnight, my hamster

Midnight running in his wheel

Anyway, about my fall, I was alone at the back of the house playing with my hamster when it started to get very windy and cloudy.  Fearing that there might be lighting, I decided to go into the house.  Big mistake!  I ran and then BAM! (sniff) I trip and fell on my butt, knock my elbow and hit my head on the floor.  I didn’t cry.  I try not too cos I was afraid mommie will find out. Rules no 1, no running in the house. Luckily, there was no cut but just slight bruises.  Lesson learnt. Sorry mom,  by the time you read this, I am good as new I hope……..

This is how I looked like during my fall.  Flat!

I didn’t cry.

I am glad I didn’t ended up like this.  Phew! that was close.

Hello Midnight, my new hamster.