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Moon-Cake Festival

September 15, 2008

Last night was Mooncake festival.  After dinner, my family and I decided to go the the Friendship Garden so that I can carry my lantern there.  To our surprise, the park was packed with people.  There was so many people, young and old carrying lanterns of all sizes and designs.  Some even hang their lanterns on the trees and it was beautiful.  Suddenly, I feel that my lantern was too small and not bright enough when compared with the others.  Nevertheless, it was wonderful walking around the park with such an atmosphere where everyone is celebrating Mooncake festival together.

Yummy!  Having my seafood fried rice

Ah…. that’s better.  That’s my cartoon,  hehehe…..

Here, let me give it some light.

Oh Wow! Look at the crowd. I think I’m going to enjoy this..

That’s the lantern tree.  Can you count the number of lanterns hanging there?

My poor lantern.  Those have out lit mine.

Look! Fireworks too.

My tired legs.

Getting ready to go home.  l’ll be back next year with bigger and brighter lanterns.  Nite, nite.