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Moon Cake Carnival

September 16, 2008

Every year, the Carpenter street is close for traffic and dozens of stalls are set up for the moon cake carnival. This year is of no difference as the street comes alive with music in the air and hundreds of people come from all walks of life to share the spirit of the festival. I was there twice with the my family for some photos taking. On the first night, it was drizzling but the weather was perfect on the 4th night. I even get to watch the lion dance. The lion even threw sweets for the spectators and I managed to grab one too.

Here I am, standing at the entrance to Carpenter Street

I love those brightly lit lanterns. Wonder what would mom say if I could do that on our house?

OOoooo……..ahhh…….weeee…… I luv it!

O.O ???!!!!!??? Will it look cute on me? hehehe….

The best spot to watch the lion dance

Perfect picture!

WoW! Having a close-up look at the lion head.

My first visit inside a Buddhist temple

Hey! It’s the Chinese clowns.

Wishing list. Can I have one too? I would wish I can buy all those cute things that I like.

Cute lanterns. Can I have one too? Mom says NO!

I want one of those balloons. Mom said NO again

dance to music cha cha ….. oups! it’s the the fan dance.

So cute…. I wanted to buy one but as usual mummy says NOPE! Only food and drink can!

Look at the colorful lanterns above me. That, mom says I can have the picture taken. Anyway, I truly enjoy the visit and I must remind myself to save some $$$ for next year so that mom can’t say NO, No, no again.