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October 8, 2008

One of my favorite eatery is Hartz chicken.  It’s an eat all you can.    I love the fried chickens and yummy mash potatoes.  There are also side dishes like veggies, stew, spaghetti, cakes, buns and many more. The places are usually pack during weekends but on this particular day, it is empty.  I can’t believe it.  We have the whole place to ourselves ( well at least till we almost finish our meal ).   It was fantastic.  Well, it so happens to be the first day of  Hari Raya, so I guess everyone is visiting open houses accept us.  Well, actually, we will be visiting our Muslims friends on the 2nd day.  So here we are at my favorite place.

Dear old Chicky, am I this tall already??

Yummy! Here I come 🙂

OOOooh! I shall use my claws…

Wow! my two favorites

My favorite section, making my own ice-cream

Oh no, you don’t!

Come to Bella……..