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Unwanted visitor

November 14, 2008

No, no, nooooooooooo, I don’t mean you, my precious readers. You’re most welcome to drop in anytime you like. Okay, for the past week, there was this mysterious thing happening around my hamster’s cage. You see, Midnight – my hamster is usually very active at night but sleeps most of the day.

shockI was in shock when mom scolded me for the mess

Recently, something strange happened. Every morning, I noticed that some of Midnight’s food would be shattered outside his cage. So each night before I go to bed, I will make sure that the area around his cage is clean just so that mom would not scold me for the mysterious mess in the morning. My hamster is kept in a little corner in the wet kitchen which we called it ‘our pet’s corner’. Why? Cos mom would not allow any of my pet inside the house, not that I have many. This is my second pet that is after my Uno died.

In memory of my cute Uno

After several nights of unsolved mystery, I decided to seek a more professional help. Yeap, I asked my KOKOs ( bros) to help me catch whatever that is making the mess during the night. My Koko’s plan was to set a trap and see whether the culprit will be lure into it. I woke up the next morning and found a baby rat trapped inside the cage. I was so happy that the mystery was solved.

This one is Midnight, the active one.

Well, you must be wondering what happened to the rat. We took it into a far, far away bush and released it. We do not have the heart to killed it.

make-bed1Me, paying my due – making my KoKo’s bed for a week. Really, nothing is free these days.


Ouch! That hurts.

October 13, 2008

I had a fall yesterday.  It was a windy afternoon and I was at the back of my house playing with my hamster.  Yes, I have a new hamster for about 2 months now.  I called him Midnight.  Why??  He gets very active at night and sleeps most of the day.  He is quite a chubby little ham.  Unlike Una, my little dwarf hamster, Midnight is a bigger and fatter.  I don’t dare to take him out of the cage yet cos I’m afraid he might bite me.

Midnight, my hamster

Midnight running in his wheel

Anyway, about my fall, I was alone at the back of the house playing with my hamster when it started to get very windy and cloudy.  Fearing that there might be lighting, I decided to go into the house.  Big mistake!  I ran and then BAM! (sniff) I trip and fell on my butt, knock my elbow and hit my head on the floor.  I didn’t cry.  I try not too cos I was afraid mommie will find out. Rules no 1, no running in the house. Luckily, there was no cut but just slight bruises.  Lesson learnt. Sorry mom,  by the time you read this, I am good as new I hope……..

This is how I looked like during my fall.  Flat!

I didn’t cry.

I am glad I didn’t ended up like this.  Phew! that was close.

Hello Midnight, my new hamster.

I found my Pikachu

October 6, 2008

A few years ago, Pikachu was one of the most popular cartoon character on the TV show called Pokemon. During those time, I remember my bros and I will always wait for the show which is aired every Saturday evenings. There is the Pokemon cards collection, CDs, soft toys etc. I think most of the kids were crazy about Pokemon. As for me, I got interested because my bros were always talking about it. Among the many Pokemons, my favorite was Pikachu. As my bros grew older, they started to lose interest in it. Soon, my interest turns to other new cartoons. Then during this long Hari Raya holidays, I decided to do some treasure hunting around the house. Then I found my long forgotten Pikachu stashed away in a box underneath all the unused items in the storeroom. Boy! Am I glad to hug it again. 🙂

Pikachu having a ride

Lost and found.

i am drawing Pikachu and Una, my hamster singing together.

Una, my beloved pet hamster

September 19, 2008

It has been 4½ months since Una, my pet hamster died. It is so ironic that my hamster died a day after my grandpa passed away. 5th May was the saddest day for me cos I was still at school and Una died after having fever. Mom and KoKo rushed him to the nearest vet but the doctor couldn’t do much for him. I cried a little after mom told me he died a few minutes after reaching home *sniff*. That evening, my bro and I buried him under the palm tree at our backyard. I missed Una and have not stop thinking of him. The above video is my tribute to Una, my beloved pet hamster. Here are some pictures of my happy times with Una.

My beloved Una

Una loves his playhouse. This is where we spend most of our play time.

This is Una’s favorite look out

Una taking a nap in his little bed

Wake up sleepy head. It’s tea time!

Reading time with Una is fun. He enjoys looking at happy cod book.

My Una, the pilot

Sometimes we play monster GRrrrrrrr…………

Other times, we play combat, Don’t shoot Una!

Pizza Hut delivery =D

Doing the lion dance

How’s the view at the top of the world, Una?

I miss you little Una.

That’s why I wanted a cat.