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Please don’t cut!

November 16, 2008

When I woke up this morning, I had a funny feeling that I’m going to lost something. Call it deja vu if you must. I tend to sense this coming whenever this is going to happen.

So, we were going to KFC for a bite and after that my mom and I were supposed to fetch my brother at school after 5 pm. Then she sprang this surprising news to me that my KoKo needs a hair cut. As we’re on the way, we’ll accompanied him to the hairdresser.

Boy! was I tricked. Knowing full well that I can’t throw tantrums once inside the hair salon, mommie announced to the hair dresser that I need a cut too. I was like, “NO AM NOT” and if looks could kill, I’ll be so dead right now. I can see the headline flashing ” Fancy hair or fancy this?!!!!” . Don’t worry, mom don’t read my blog that often so by the time she does, this will be so over.


wishing i have a magic wand so i can disappear


closing my eyes hoping that once I open it, this is not happening


the consolation is, my hairdresser is kinda cute…….


i heard mom said ” take 4 inches off”. Hey! excuse me, don’t i have a say in this. Isn’t this my hair too???


after the cutting and blowing, this is my new hair cut.

Boy! was i glad it was over. In my entire 9 years on earth, this is the 5th time I was made to cut my hair. Why made such a big fuss over this? Cos i love my long beautiful shinning hair duh. Anyway, I went home and drown my sorrow watching Madagascar 2, 3 times in a row and then recorded all this down here before I crawl to bed at 10pm. Nite, nite