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In the dark!

November 28, 2008

Two nights ago, we had a black out in our area.  It took us by surprise cos this time the weather was fine and I was watching my movies Bolt.  It was about 8pm and I was half way enjoying my cartoon movies alone in the family room.  Suddenly there was total darkness.  I started to panic cos I couldn’t even see my own hands.  Both my KOKOs was in their own bedroom and I started to called out for HELP!!! Then a voice said “STAY PUT” It was my older KOKO.  I saw a candle flickering towards me and it was him.  Three hours seems like eternity for the lights to come back.  So during that time, here’s how I get managed to pass the time.


Cam whoring in the dark!


Which is brighter? The candles or my red horn? hehehe………..


Performing my light dance hoping it will appear soon.


catch this effect of what my horn can do.


Screaming my lungs out trying to scare the lizard in the ceiling.


S.O.S. I need a break!

November 20, 2008

So why haven’t I written for the past 4 days. You mean still sulking after being a victim of an unwilling hair makeover. Nah! It will grow back and the next time I’ll be ready for my rights.


My top secrets tips under locked key. hehehe………..

Actually, I’m just busy practicing for my dance exam next week. There lots of extra classes and right after the exam, they’ll be a concert performance. So that’s the reason why I’m as busy as a bumble bee. Anyway, I’ve heard a rumor that there is something install for me later next month and I have a funny feeling I’m not going to look forward to.


dancing away

You see, every school breaks, mommie will try to get us into doing productive things ( as she puts it) but not all the plans she had for us ( my Koko and I) always agree to it. Let’s not elaborate or else………. although I must admit that most of it are skills development ( that what she likes ).

Anyway, we do appreciate them but we feel that we need our breaks. So I hope that mommie will read this post ASAP.


These are the stuffs that would definitely help me to relax.


me, happily playing the hoola


throwing balls


…….clowning around


playing my computer games………


taking a long break Aaaaah…………