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Hello fishy!

October 4, 2008

What a blessing in disguise?? You see, my pet turtles run out of food and have not been fed for a day. So after pestering mommie to buy some ASAP, she finally make sometime to go the the pet store with me. It was still a public holiday but thank goodness, the pet shop was open for emergency like mine. PHEW! On the way back, we pass by the city aquarium. I told mom I would like to take a few pictures of the fish and here I am with some niceeeee… photos of them. I even took some video shots too. There was quite a number of visitors there as I suppose everyone just want to get out of the house and get a breath of fresh air…… like me hehehe……

Welcome to the city aquarium 🙂

‘Kar-loi’, a popular fish for home aquarium

‘Soon Hock’ is a river fish. It is consider one of the most expensive fish in the restaurant. WAT! Ugly looking fish like that. The meat taste a bit like grouper except that the meat texture is more fine.

i don’t know what’s this one called. Scary looking eyes though.

‘flower horn’ fish with words written on it’s body. How did they do that??? Even fish gets tatoo.

Truly magnificent! Enjoy.


What a beautiful day!