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Eating durian

September 11, 2008

It’s durian session again. I love to eat durians. In order to get a good durian, price does not necessary guarantee one a fantastic one. What is a fantastic durian? It has to be lots of meat with tiny seeds, yellowish in color and has a very strong durian smell. Ah… only durian lovers like me will appreciate the strong smell. One cannot hide a durian in the house without your neighbors knowing. In order to get a good durian, you need to buy from an honest durian trader. Let me show you how a ‘good’ durian looks like.

This is the King of Fruits.  Look at the spiky rinds!

OMG! Look at yummy durian. Smell so good!

Can’t wait to grab one first.

My first bite! Hmmmm…..wanna taste some.

durian seed

Look at the tiny seed =)

Huh! It’s all gone! 😦

No more durian, so I am gonna eat the skin too. hehehe…. Seriously, I’m drinking salt water from the durian skin to avoid the heatiness (that’s the secret) and if you want to get rid of the smell from your hands, you just use the durian skin to scope some water and wash your hands from it. Works all the time.

Taste salty and refreshing.