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I want to sleep

October 14, 2008

I wish it was a holiday again.  After so many holidays have gone by, I am dreaming of more holidays.  I hate waking up before the sun does.  I rather curl up in my comfy warm bed and continue to dream of me and all my cartoon friends playing in the Happyland 🙂  Why Oh why do I have to go school so early?????  “Stop whining Bella” – a familiar scolding from ……….  well, I better not mention too often you know who,  hehehe……….. Soon the final semester is over and hooray….. a very long holiday break again.  hahahahhaha…………

I wish i can sleep like a bear.. OOh oh! minus the bottle of course, hehehe……..

that’s how i look like in the mornings, sleepy head,  zzzzzzzzz……………..


Hello Mr Pink

October 11, 2008

I like the Pink Panther theme. I enjoy watching the funny cartoons. I like to sketch and Mr Pink has taken up quite a few pages in my sketch book. When I stumble upon Pink Panther’s theme in youtube, I couldn’t help but watch a few episode of Pink’s cartoon. It is quite addictive and now I found myself drawing these cartoons of Mr Pink. Here’s the theme from youtube that I watched earlier.

Pink taking mom and I for a ride.

Cheers to you too Mr Pink.