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Fly away…..

October 7, 2008

When I was just a little girl, whenever my mom went traveling, my grandaunt will baby sit me. Often, she would tell me that she is going to be very busy for a few days and I will have to stay over at grandaunt. Why didn’t she just tell me that she is going to sit on the plane? Although my KOKOs knew where mummy was, they never tell me. It was only when I am much older and promised not to cry if mom told me the truth about her going traveling that I really know where she is. So when she was away, I would draw pictures like these ones below.

Imagining I am a bird so I can fly……

I want to go with mommy too 😦

I am drawing a cartoon plane


Little ballerina

September 28, 2008

Dancing is so much fun ( if you don’t have to follow any rules). Yeah! I like dancing. Free style that is. I just swing and sway to the music that I enjoy. On the other hand, in dancing class, it is different because if instruction is not followed, then the teacher will scold. I like to watch the ballerina dance. They are so graceful. I hope one day, I’ll be able to dance like a ballerina. Look at my little ballerina dance.

Oooh! I see so many stars.

doing the tip toe

dance to the music, dance….

doing the pointe tendu

Ballerina doing the split

Now it’s my turn. Oh no! Have I been standing this long that the grass has grown on me

I still want a cat

September 25, 2008

Remember my earlier post about wanting to adopt a cat. I also mentioned that I wanted to ask my mummy again. Well, I did but not verbally. I decided to put my desire on paper in the form of a storyboard. After that I showed it to my mom. This is how I explained to her ……..

Teacher Cat was reading a story to her student, Hamster. The story is about love.

A little girl loves to have a kitten for a pet. It so happens that her teacher wanted to give her a kitten. She told her teacher she needs to ask her mummy first.

When her mummy said NO!, the little girl was very sad. Hamster started to cry when she heard the story. Teacher Cat tries to comfort Hamster.

Teacher Cat had an idea. She told Hamster that perhaps they can help the little girl’s mummy to change her mind.

Maybe they can give ‘Mummy’ a book about having pets.

Teacher Cat and Hamster like the idea.

After reading the book, mummy will change her mind and the little girl can have her kitten.

The little girl will be so happy that she can brings the kitten home.

Hamster will be rewarded with a surprise present and Teacher Cat with a plate of yummy fish.

Well, mom read it and in the end, she says ‘NO’ again.

Should I try again? Maybe, I will try a different approach. I need to convince mom. Time is running out before the little kitty is being adopted by someone else.

Oh de.. de… dear me! Hee……lp KOKOs!

Jerry, my hero

September 25, 2008

I always love Tom and Jerry cartoons. Every since I can remember, I have been watching their shows all my life. I am a big fan of Jerry. Being such a small animal, he is mighty brave. I could not recall once that Tom can out smart Jerry. Every attempt that Tom made to catch Jerry often end in disaster. I love Jerry. He is cute and very cunning ( like me ) hehehe…….. Watch out KoKo’s – my bros. Oops! Sorry I had to mention you guys again :D. This shows that not all good things comes in big packages. That’s what I’ve often heard mom says.

Jerry laughs at Tom

Jerry’s being hypnotized

My happy cod

September 17, 2008

These are the happy cods that was part of a gift when you buy the Seven Seas multi-vitamin syrup. I have a collection of these cuties with me since I was 4. My mother gave a few away because she says I don’t need to keep so many since they’re the same ones *sigh*. Sometimes, I swear mom gave my toys away especially when she starts spring cleaning. Whenever I asked her about my toys, she would say ” Oh I’m sure it’s in one of those toy’s boxes, babe” . Hmmmm…..sneaky, sneaky. Anyway, I treasure these little fish as they’re of great sentimental value to me.

These little soft fish toys are suppose to motivated little children to take more multivitamins for good health.

This one is Brainy cod because it loves to go the fish school.

This one is Happy cod. Happy cod is always happy and has lots of friends.

This one is Healthy cod cos it loves to exercise and hardly falls sick.

Friends, if you’re reading this, don’t forget to take your vitamins. They are good for you.