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City mascot

October 9, 2008

During the long festive holidays, my town was beautifully lit up with colorful lights. Since I’ve been learning how to take videos, I wanted to try out some night scene. So on one of my night outings, I took a short video of our city mascot, the cat. This is the most decorated cat in the city as almost every festival that we celebrated, the cat will be dressed up according to the festive theme. This one is in the theme of Hari Raya festival.

This is taken at the waterfront. It is a Hornbill fountain. Normally, it is not lit up but tonight, it is beautiful.


I want a cat

September 18, 2008

Above, it’s me drawing a cat. Enjoy!

Meow! I want a cat but then I have no time to take care of it. My teacher has 2 kittens which she wanted to give away. When she showed us the photos of the 2 kittens, I thought they were very cute. When I got home from school, I decided to ask mom if I can adopt one. Although I quite knew what she is going to say, but hey, no harm asking right…..

Here’s the conversation I had with my mom:

Bella : mummy, I love you

Mom: Luv U 2

Bella : You know, my teacher has 2 lovely kittens ……………. and she *pause* eh…. wants to give it away.

Mom: *silent*

Bella: con’t…… she showed us the picture of her kittens and they were so cuteee……. aaah………my friend Cleo is going to adopt one.

Mom: *silent*

Bella: I was thinking if eeeh………can I have the one too? It is so cute and I love it. Pls, pls, pls…………. (giving mom my sweetest smile…) 😀

Mom: Listen to me carefully, Bella.

  1. It’s a big responsibility for you.
  2. You don’t have the time to care for it.
  3. No one is going to look after the kitten for you. The answer is NO!

……. and that’s the end of our discussion. Well, at least I tried. 😦 Come to think of it, i think I’ll try again tomorrow hehehe………..