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A visit to the Cat Museum

September 8, 2008

Welcome to the world’s first Cat museum.  It was first display at the Sarawak Museum on the 1st August 1988.   Later it was moved to the Kuching City North Hall.  Cat lovers will be astonished with the wide collections of feline memorabilia and informative insights about cats.  If you are curious as to why we have a Cat Museum, well…. to make the long story short, as my city is known as Kuching which means ‘cat’ in Bahasa Melayu, thus the city has been proclaimed as  ‘Cat City”.  Besides having a cat museum, there are also several cat statue on display around the city.  Enough talk, let me take you on a short tour.  A picture is worth a thousand words. Come on……

At the entrance of Kuching City North

‘Selamat Datang ke Galeri’ means Welcome to the Gallery.  Not a bad pose, I say…

Meow!  We are at the entrance to Cat museum.

Hey! Do I smile like the cat?

Scarrry… inside the cat’s cave.

Cat lovers??  Hmmm…… so cute =)

Oh Oo!  An angry tiger.  Better watch your back.

Am I suppose to be scare???

Giant cat in Iban costume

I luv Hello Kitty

Ain’t they cute?

Another Big Pussy Cat.

I am so MEOW!