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No more blogging!!!!

October 22, 2008

Ouch! Exam week is really around the corner, so I’m banned or grounded from blogging. Last night, I was so tired after finally finishing my school work that I went to bed at 7pm and slept through 6.30am this morning. Boy! Do I fell refresh and energized today.

I’ve never sleep that early, well not unless I’m sick so last night was exceptional cos I think I am just burnt out. Hear ye! Hear ye! Mommie if you are reading this, please take note. Anyway this is going to be my last update until exam is over which is next week. So I just want to let my readers know that I will be off blogging for a while until my exam is over that is.

Please come back and visit in a week’s time. See the pics below and you’ll know what an effort I made to get this post up here today.

Oh Ooo……. caught red-handed

Pretending to smile so I could slap the Nosy Parker

Doing my magic escape from my home paparazzi

Now, I am getting mad. Do I look like i am getting MAD!

Well, if you can’t fight it, then it’s better to crawl away from it.

Why such a happy face??? Cos mommie already gave me permission. Just want to play along with the Nosy Parker. Hahahaha…………. 🙂 I guess the one to laugh last, laugh the loudest. hahahaha………. that’s ME! 🙂


Becoming a famous blogger.

October 12, 2008

What a beautiful Sunday I am having today.  Last night I watched Mama Mia twice and early this morning, I watched again.  I just love it.  Anyway, this post is not about the show but as I am waiting patiently for my breakfast to be served, I can’t really focus on what to blog.  So as I was surfing  the net, i stumbled upon this cartoon blog and look what I’ve found.  Yes, very interesting and eye-catching bit.  Since the artist- Dave Walker,  is generous enough to let out his cartoon freely, I thought why not.  This is a good one.  I like it.  I sure hope to a famous blogger one day. hehehe……..

cartoon from