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Ya Hoo!!

November 4, 2008

Yippie! What can i say? I am free, at last. No need to study and certainly no more books to read. Yeah!! Finally, I am a free person. It seems like ages since I last got to touch my keyboard. I almost forgotten how to blog, hehehe……. Although school isn’t over yet but I am really over studying. Now it’s time to plan my holidays. i’m pretty sure there won’t be short of things to do. Sure mom will come up with something for me to spend some quality and productive time but hey! I’ll line up my programs for me before mom does.

Hmmm……….let’s see, I could do all these stuffs……


Having fun in the playhouse with Pooh and his gang


Go to the park and enjoy the slide


Jump in the pool and enjoy the sun. That’s my Koko at the back.


A game of pool and try to out do my KoKos


OR… get my personal photographer and go cam whoring.


Go the beach and collect sea shells


Sleep late…….. dream, dream, dream…


And if life gets too boring, i’ll just hit the golf course.

Phew! it’s really hard work planning on how to spend my holidays productively. i am taking a break now. Perhaps more ideas will pop up in my head soon. See ya.



September 24, 2008

Look at me. Am I famous or what? Is this for real Bella, you may ask? Hehehe…… well, I am certainly enjoying creating it. With the courtesy of these websites, I am able to do this with my photos. Cool isn’t it. It’s so easy. Since I started this blog, I have learnt so many things. Each time I am introduced to new stuff, I would get very excited and with my mom and bros help, I can get my post all dress up and ready to show the world. I am allowed only an hour on net each day and 3hrs on weekends. My bros too have their own allocated time limit. Hmmmm….. I think i need to negotiate my time limit ……

I am a fishergirl, come and buy my fish………… lah… lah….

Say cheeze…


Am I cool or wat?? 🙂