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At the arcade

September 2, 2008

I love the arcade. I have been going to the arcade as long as I can remember. It’s sort of my weekend ritual. Those days, when I was still a little girl, I only sit on the battery operated cars while my brothers play the games for older kids. Since I am older now, I’m no longer interested in riding those baby cars anymore.

Instead, I get to play all the games for older kids. As for my brothers, they’ve grown out of it and so when I am at the arcade, they’re at the bookstore. Do I get to play all the game at once? Nope! I’m given a budget so I choose my favorite games only. Here are some of the games I enjoy at the arcade.

I always get very excited whenever I go car racing cos it’s like I am driving for real.

Can you believe that I can win this?

Come on crocodile. It’s such fun to hit them on the head. hehehe…..

Okay! Need to focus on this one. Got to hit the right button.

Now to the motorcycle race. Hey! no need helmet and I am not breaking any law.

VRoom… I love it!

I can hit the drum as loud as I like cos mom won’t mind. Yea…

Hey! that’s not fair. Lost again.

Next stop, the toys store. Yeah! I think I am so blur. hehehe… It’s a phonecam.