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Goodbye puppies

November 7, 2008

Yesterday, I dropped by my cousin Calvin’s house. It was to say goodbye to his cute 6 puppies. How come??? It was so sad ( ‘sniff’ ) because they’ll be given away.


The last time I saw them were when they were just a couple of days old. They barely open their eyes yet and fiercely guarded by their parents. Anyway, now they’re a month old and so cute and chubby ( their parents still guard them fiercely).

puppy-lookAmong the six puppies, my favorite is the white puppy with black patches around her face. She is the cutest. I begged my aunt to keep her for me ( well, you know, mommie would never let me keep a dog).


Calvin already have 5 grown dogs in his house so that’s the reason why he wants to give the puppies for adoption. The good news is, my aunty ( Calvin’s mom) might consider keeping ‘Black Patches’ ( the name I gave to the white puppy ). So my hope of saving my favorite puppy is very high.


Ain’t she cute??


I still want a cat

September 25, 2008

Remember my earlier post about wanting to adopt a cat. I also mentioned that I wanted to ask my mummy again. Well, I did but not verbally. I decided to put my desire on paper in the form of a storyboard. After that I showed it to my mom. This is how I explained to her ……..

Teacher Cat was reading a story to her student, Hamster. The story is about love.

A little girl loves to have a kitten for a pet. It so happens that her teacher wanted to give her a kitten. She told her teacher she needs to ask her mummy first.

When her mummy said NO!, the little girl was very sad. Hamster started to cry when she heard the story. Teacher Cat tries to comfort Hamster.

Teacher Cat had an idea. She told Hamster that perhaps they can help the little girl’s mummy to change her mind.

Maybe they can give ‘Mummy’ a book about having pets.

Teacher Cat and Hamster like the idea.

After reading the book, mummy will change her mind and the little girl can have her kitten.

The little girl will be so happy that she can brings the kitten home.

Hamster will be rewarded with a surprise present and Teacher Cat with a plate of yummy fish.

Well, mom read it and in the end, she says ‘NO’ again.

Should I try again? Maybe, I will try a different approach. I need to convince mom. Time is running out before the little kitty is being adopted by someone else.

Oh de.. de… dear me! Hee……lp KOKOs!

I want a cat

September 18, 2008

Above, it’s me drawing a cat. Enjoy!

Meow! I want a cat but then I have no time to take care of it. My teacher has 2 kittens which she wanted to give away. When she showed us the photos of the 2 kittens, I thought they were very cute. When I got home from school, I decided to ask mom if I can adopt one. Although I quite knew what she is going to say, but hey, no harm asking right…..

Here’s the conversation I had with my mom:

Bella : mummy, I love you

Mom: Luv U 2

Bella : You know, my teacher has 2 lovely kittens ……………. and she *pause* eh…. wants to give it away.

Mom: *silent*

Bella: con’t…… she showed us the picture of her kittens and they were so cuteee……. aaah………my friend Cleo is going to adopt one.

Mom: *silent*

Bella: I was thinking if eeeh………can I have the one too? It is so cute and I love it. Pls, pls, pls…………. (giving mom my sweetest smile…) 😀

Mom: Listen to me carefully, Bella.

  1. It’s a big responsibility for you.
  2. You don’t have the time to care for it.
  3. No one is going to look after the kitten for you. The answer is NO!

……. and that’s the end of our discussion. Well, at least I tried. 😦 Come to think of it, i think I’ll try again tomorrow hehehe………..