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Goodbye puppies

November 7, 2008

Yesterday, I dropped by my cousin Calvin’s house. It was to say goodbye to his cute 6 puppies. How come??? It was so sad ( ‘sniff’ ) because they’ll be given away.


The last time I saw them were when they were just a couple of days old. They barely open their eyes yet and fiercely guarded by their parents. Anyway, now they’re a month old and so cute and chubby ( their parents still guard them fiercely).

puppy-lookAmong the six puppies, my favorite is the white puppy with black patches around her face. She is the cutest. I begged my aunt to keep her for me ( well, you know, mommie would never let me keep a dog).


Calvin already have 5 grown dogs in his house so that’s the reason why he wants to give the puppies for adoption. The good news is, my aunty ( Calvin’s mom) might consider keeping ‘Black Patches’ ( the name I gave to the white puppy ). So my hope of saving my favorite puppy is very high.


Ain’t she cute??


I found my Pikachu

October 6, 2008

A few years ago, Pikachu was one of the most popular cartoon character on the TV show called Pokemon. During those time, I remember my bros and I will always wait for the show which is aired every Saturday evenings. There is the Pokemon cards collection, CDs, soft toys etc. I think most of the kids were crazy about Pokemon. As for me, I got interested because my bros were always talking about it. Among the many Pokemons, my favorite was Pikachu. As my bros grew older, they started to lose interest in it. Soon, my interest turns to other new cartoons. Then during this long Hari Raya holidays, I decided to do some treasure hunting around the house. Then I found my long forgotten Pikachu stashed away in a box underneath all the unused items in the storeroom. Boy! Am I glad to hug it again. 🙂

Pikachu having a ride

Lost and found.

i am drawing Pikachu and Una, my hamster singing together.

Hello fishy!

October 4, 2008

What a blessing in disguise?? You see, my pet turtles run out of food and have not been fed for a day. So after pestering mommie to buy some ASAP, she finally make sometime to go the the pet store with me. It was still a public holiday but thank goodness, the pet shop was open for emergency like mine. PHEW! On the way back, we pass by the city aquarium. I told mom I would like to take a few pictures of the fish and here I am with some niceeeee… photos of them. I even took some video shots too. There was quite a number of visitors there as I suppose everyone just want to get out of the house and get a breath of fresh air…… like me hehehe……

Welcome to the city aquarium 🙂

‘Kar-loi’, a popular fish for home aquarium

‘Soon Hock’ is a river fish. It is consider one of the most expensive fish in the restaurant. WAT! Ugly looking fish like that. The meat taste a bit like grouper except that the meat texture is more fine.

i don’t know what’s this one called. Scary looking eyes though.

‘flower horn’ fish with words written on it’s body. How did they do that??? Even fish gets tatoo.

Truly magnificent! Enjoy.


What a beautiful day!

Hamster dance

October 3, 2008

Here’s a video of my hamster dance. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Sometimes when I am done doing all the things that I like to do like watching TV, sketching or some bead works, I like to create my own entertainment. Among the many puppet show that I did in the past, this are one of the 2 that was captured and upload on youtube. Since I don’t quite know how to add the appropriate audio sound to it, I just to make do with the ones available in youtube. Everyone is so busy around here that there is no time to ask for help. Anyway, i thought this music is quite catchy. Any comment???

Cute dogs

October 1, 2008

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend. I have read true stories about dogs saving the lives of their owners and I also see trained dogs being an eye to their blind masters. I love dogs but I am afraid of the fierce ones cos their bite is worst then their bark, that’s what my KOKO said. Above are photos of my cousin’s dogs, Zara and Baby. These dogs are Singapore dogs because my cousins are from Singapore. Aren’t they cute. They’ve been to dog shows and dog competitions. They even have their own birthday party. My aunt Lena is kind enough to send us these photos so I can used them for my blogs. So to all dogs lovers, these post are especially dedicated you.

Look! It’s Zara’s birthday cake. I love birthdays!

There’s lots of presents, parties and lots of fun.

It’s Baby’s birthday cake. Hmmm… yummy.

Are these specially made for dogs only???

Stop crowing rooster!

September 30, 2008

Not long ago, I paid a visit to my cousins. The once baby rooster that my cousin Calvin kept as his pet had grown into a giant rooster. Gosh! I have never seen such a big rooster before. It was kept in it’s den and when I went to have a closer look at it, it just kept crowing not stop. My KoKo said that it’s a show off. Calvin, my cousin told us that his giant rooster will peck people if given the chance. I dare not go too near it’s den as I was afraid that it might fly out and attack me. I enjoy going over to my cousin’s house because he has so many pets. He has 4 fierce dogs, 6 cute puppies, 5 fighting fish, 3 turtles and 6 cats. He is so lucky because his mom allows him to have so many pets. It was one noisy night because the rooster won’t stop crowing and the dogs bark non-stop whenever they see us.

kokko….kook,koke,kook….. 🙂

WOO! What a beautiful bird!

Here rooster, rooster. Oh no! I think I caught his attention.

Wanna see if who can scream louder??

Hey you! Stop that crowing. It’s rude!

Scary fierce dog. Bark non-stop.

Ah…. that’s better.

Aren’t they cute. They belong to my cousin, Calvin.  These puppies are only 1 week old. One died a few days ago.