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S.O.S. I need a break!

November 20, 2008

So why haven’t I written for the past 4 days. You mean still sulking after being a victim of an unwilling hair makeover. Nah! It will grow back and the next time I’ll be ready for my rights.


My top secrets tips under locked key. hehehe………..

Actually, I’m just busy practicing for my dance exam next week. There lots of extra classes and right after the exam, they’ll be a concert performance. So that’s the reason why I’m as busy as a bumble bee. Anyway, I’ve heard a rumor that there is something install for me later next month and I have a funny feeling I’m not going to look forward to.


dancing away

You see, every school breaks, mommie will try to get us into doing productive things ( as she puts it) but not all the plans she had for us ( my Koko and I) always agree to it. Let’s not elaborate or else………. although I must admit that most of it are skills development ( that what she likes ).

Anyway, we do appreciate them but we feel that we need our breaks. So I hope that mommie will read this post ASAP.


These are the stuffs that would definitely help me to relax.


me, happily playing the hoola


throwing balls


…….clowning around


playing my computer games………


taking a long break Aaaaah…………


Becoming a famous blogger.

October 12, 2008

What a beautiful Sunday I am having today.  Last night I watched Mama Mia twice and early this morning, I watched again.  I just love it.  Anyway, this post is not about the show but as I am waiting patiently for my breakfast to be served, I can’t really focus on what to blog.  So as I was surfing  the net, i stumbled upon this cartoon blog and look what I’ve found.  Yes, very interesting and eye-catching bit.  Since the artist- Dave Walker,  is generous enough to let out his cartoon freely, I thought why not.  This is a good one.  I like it.  I sure hope to a famous blogger one day. hehehe……..

cartoon from

Hello Mr Pink

October 11, 2008

I like the Pink Panther theme. I enjoy watching the funny cartoons. I like to sketch and Mr Pink has taken up quite a few pages in my sketch book. When I stumble upon Pink Panther’s theme in youtube, I couldn’t help but watch a few episode of Pink’s cartoon. It is quite addictive and now I found myself drawing these cartoons of Mr Pink. Here’s the theme from youtube that I watched earlier.

Pink taking mom and I for a ride.

Cheers to you too Mr Pink.

I love Pucca!

October 5, 2008

Ever since I first saw Pucca’s series, I couldn’t help liking it.  Although she may look cute and small but she has super strength. When i told mom about Pucca, she did not know what I was talking about. So I drew this picture of Pucca and showed it to her. Then i show her some of Pucca’s series on youtube. Now I have my own version of Pucca in youtube too. Watch below.

This is Pucca

Hamster dance

October 3, 2008

Here’s a video of my hamster dance. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Sometimes when I am done doing all the things that I like to do like watching TV, sketching or some bead works, I like to create my own entertainment. Among the many puppet show that I did in the past, this are one of the 2 that was captured and upload on youtube. Since I don’t quite know how to add the appropriate audio sound to it, I just to make do with the ones available in youtube. Everyone is so busy around here that there is no time to ask for help. Anyway, i thought this music is quite catchy. Any comment???

I like to move it!

September 29, 2008

I like to move it, move it ……. yeah! I love Madgascar. When I first laid my hands on the movies, I couldn’t stop playing it. I watched like 3 or 4 times a day and everyday, never getting tired of it. I drove my brothers nuts.

I would sing the song and drew pictures of Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. When we were Kuala Lumpur, I would look for the Madgascar’s soft toys at every toys shop available. I was desperate to have a collection of them. Imagine from Sungei Wang Plaza to One Utama.

I finally got my Marty at One Utama. I remember that it was the last one left on the shelve and there was a little fault in it so dad got the sales rep to give us a discount. I was so happy that I took it with me everywhere I go. The only character that I don’t have in my collection is Gloria.

I love it, love it, love it…..