Getting to know ME

Hello and Welcome

Hi there!

Hi there!

Ahem…… My name is Isabella. Friends call me Bella for short. You are looking at my weblog. Isn’t it cool? Every cool kid on the block has a weblog. Really! hehehe……….. I love to camwhore! Since mom is teaching me how to take pictures with the smaller canon digital ixus, I can start to camwhore.

I started blogging last year when I was 8. My first blog was at Mom help me with the editing. Why did I call it isabellacreation? I love to draw and I want to dedicated my art there. When my Koko (brother) told me about wordpress blog, I decided to shift my blog over so that I can custom image header my weblog. Thanks KOKO! Mom helped me with my personalize header, niceeee…….

Do drop in often and let me share my little world with you. Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment but no nasty ones, thank you. I would love to know that you are here. I’ll be happy to visit you back if you let me 🙂 Will be glad to exchange link too. Well, many happy days to you and thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you again real soon!


3 Responses to “Getting to know ME”

  1. Eryn Says:

    Hi Bella,

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. =D

    Una must be very happy playing at his playhouse. So lucky!

  2. Eryn Says:

    Your banner is great! Your mumi is really creative!

  3. Isabella Says:

    Thanks Eryn for visiting. Una did like his playhouse but since Una is gone, I don’t play with it anymore.

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