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In the dark!

November 28, 2008

Two nights ago, we had a black out in our area.  It took us by surprise cos this time the weather was fine and I was watching my movies Bolt.  It was about 8pm and I was half way enjoying my cartoon movies alone in the family room.  Suddenly there was total darkness.  I started to panic cos I couldn’t even see my own hands.  Both my KOKOs was in their own bedroom and I started to called out for HELP!!! Then a voice said “STAY PUT” It was my older KOKO.  I saw a candle flickering towards me and it was him.  Three hours seems like eternity for the lights to come back.  So during that time, here’s how I get managed to pass the time.


Cam whoring in the dark!


Which is brighter? The candles or my red horn? hehehe………..


Performing my light dance hoping it will appear soon.


catch this effect of what my horn can do.


Screaming my lungs out trying to scare the lizard in the ceiling.


S.O.S. I need a break!

November 20, 2008

So why haven’t I written for the past 4 days. You mean still sulking after being a victim of an unwilling hair makeover. Nah! It will grow back and the next time I’ll be ready for my rights.


My top secrets tips under locked key. hehehe………..

Actually, I’m just busy practicing for my dance exam next week. There lots of extra classes and right after the exam, they’ll be a concert performance. So that’s the reason why I’m as busy as a bumble bee. Anyway, I’ve heard a rumor that there is something install for me later next month and I have a funny feeling I’m not going to look forward to.


dancing away

You see, every school breaks, mommie will try to get us into doing productive things ( as she puts it) but not all the plans she had for us ( my Koko and I) always agree to it. Let’s not elaborate or else………. although I must admit that most of it are skills development ( that what she likes ).

Anyway, we do appreciate them but we feel that we need our breaks. So I hope that mommie will read this post ASAP.


These are the stuffs that would definitely help me to relax.


me, happily playing the hoola


throwing balls


…….clowning around


playing my computer games………


taking a long break Aaaaah…………

Please don’t cut!

November 16, 2008

When I woke up this morning, I had a funny feeling that I’m going to lost something. Call it deja vu if you must. I tend to sense this coming whenever this is going to happen.

So, we were going to KFC for a bite and after that my mom and I were supposed to fetch my brother at school after 5 pm. Then she sprang this surprising news to me that my KoKo needs a hair cut. As we’re on the way, we’ll accompanied him to the hairdresser.

Boy! was I tricked. Knowing full well that I can’t throw tantrums once inside the hair salon, mommie announced to the hair dresser that I need a cut too. I was like, “NO AM NOT” and if looks could kill, I’ll be so dead right now. I can see the headline flashing ” Fancy hair or fancy this?!!!!” . Don’t worry, mom don’t read my blog that often so by the time she does, this will be so over.


wishing i have a magic wand so i can disappear


closing my eyes hoping that once I open it, this is not happening


the consolation is, my hairdresser is kinda cute…….


i heard mom said ” take 4 inches off”. Hey! excuse me, don’t i have a say in this. Isn’t this my hair too???


after the cutting and blowing, this is my new hair cut.

Boy! was i glad it was over. In my entire 9 years on earth, this is the 5th time I was made to cut my hair. Why made such a big fuss over this? Cos i love my long beautiful shinning hair duh. Anyway, I went home and drown my sorrow watching Madagascar 2, 3 times in a row and then recorded all this down here before I crawl to bed at 10pm. Nite, nite

Unwanted visitor

November 14, 2008

No, no, nooooooooooo, I don’t mean you, my precious readers. You’re most welcome to drop in anytime you like. Okay, for the past week, there was this mysterious thing happening around my hamster’s cage. You see, Midnight – my hamster is usually very active at night but sleeps most of the day.

shockI was in shock when mom scolded me for the mess

Recently, something strange happened. Every morning, I noticed that some of Midnight’s food would be shattered outside his cage. So each night before I go to bed, I will make sure that the area around his cage is clean just so that mom would not scold me for the mysterious mess in the morning. My hamster is kept in a little corner in the wet kitchen which we called it ‘our pet’s corner’. Why? Cos mom would not allow any of my pet inside the house, not that I have many. This is my second pet that is after my Uno died.

In memory of my cute Uno

After several nights of unsolved mystery, I decided to seek a more professional help. Yeap, I asked my KOKOs ( bros) to help me catch whatever that is making the mess during the night. My Koko’s plan was to set a trap and see whether the culprit will be lure into it. I woke up the next morning and found a baby rat trapped inside the cage. I was so happy that the mystery was solved.

This one is Midnight, the active one.

Well, you must be wondering what happened to the rat. We took it into a far, far away bush and released it. We do not have the heart to killed it.

make-bed1Me, paying my due – making my KoKo’s bed for a week. Really, nothing is free these days.

What a day!

November 10, 2008

Last weekend was a fine day and I thought it was a great day to go out and do something. I decided to ask my KoKo if he wanted to take a walk in the park with me. Not interested he said. Then I asked my other KoKo, and he replied ” no chance”. Mom said busssssssssssy! I was so frustrated cos I really wanted to go out and do something. In the end, an idea popped up. Ting! Photography. Okay, it was not that fantastic but then I did something.


Me sitting in the park, just sitting and doing nothing


LOOK what I’ve found! While i was roaming outside the house and look what caught my attention. I found an abandoned bird’s nest in one of our palm trees. At first, I was so excited that there might be a bird’s egg in it, and so I took the high chair and managed to pulled down the leaves, take a pic before peeping into the nest but to my disappointment, it was empty. Anyway, I took the nest down and gave it a new home in one of mommies fake plant in the front porch.


This is my pet turtle. We’ve 3 turtles, one for each of us. Mine is the smallest. Does that looks like a turtle egg to you? Hahaha……silly, it only a large white stone.

Goodbye puppies

November 7, 2008

Yesterday, I dropped by my cousin Calvin’s house. It was to say goodbye to his cute 6 puppies. How come??? It was so sad ( ‘sniff’ ) because they’ll be given away.


The last time I saw them were when they were just a couple of days old. They barely open their eyes yet and fiercely guarded by their parents. Anyway, now they’re a month old and so cute and chubby ( their parents still guard them fiercely).

puppy-lookAmong the six puppies, my favorite is the white puppy with black patches around her face. She is the cutest. I begged my aunt to keep her for me ( well, you know, mommie would never let me keep a dog).


Calvin already have 5 grown dogs in his house so that’s the reason why he wants to give the puppies for adoption. The good news is, my aunty ( Calvin’s mom) might consider keeping ‘Black Patches’ ( the name I gave to the white puppy ). So my hope of saving my favorite puppy is very high.


Ain’t she cute??