Cute dogs

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend. I have read true stories about dogs saving the lives of their owners and I also see trained dogs being an eye to their blind masters. I love dogs but I am afraid of the fierce ones cos their bite is worst then their bark, that’s what my KOKO said. Above are photos of my cousin’s dogs, Zara and Baby. These dogs are Singapore dogs because my cousins are from Singapore. Aren’t they cute. They’ve been to dog shows and dog competitions. They even have their own birthday party. My aunt Lena is kind enough to send us these photos so I can used them for my blogs. So to all dogs lovers, these post are especially dedicated you.

Look! It’s Zara’s birthday cake. I love birthdays!

There’s lots of presents, parties and lots of fun.

It’s Baby’s birthday cake. Hmmm… yummy.

Are these specially made for dogs only???


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One Response to “Cute dogs”

  1. LENA Says:

    Those cakes r 4 dogs only !Thks 4 putting Baby n Zara on blogs.

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