Una, my beloved pet hamster

It has been 4½ months since Una, my pet hamster died. It is so ironic that my hamster died a day after my grandpa passed away. 5th May was the saddest day for me cos I was still at school and Una died after having fever. Mom and KoKo rushed him to the nearest vet but the doctor couldn’t do much for him. I cried a little after mom told me he died a few minutes after reaching home *sniff*. That evening, my bro and I buried him under the palm tree at our backyard. I missed Una and have not stop thinking of him. The above video is my tribute to Una, my beloved pet hamster. Here are some pictures of my happy times with Una.

My beloved Una

Una loves his playhouse. This is where we spend most of our play time.

This is Una’s favorite look out

Una taking a nap in his little bed

Wake up sleepy head. It’s tea time!

Reading time with Una is fun. He enjoys looking at happy cod book.

My Una, the pilot

Sometimes we play monster GRrrrrrrr…………

Other times, we play combat, Don’t shoot Una!

Pizza Hut delivery =D

Doing the lion dance

How’s the view at the top of the world, Una?

I miss you little Una.

That’s why I wanted a cat.


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5 Responses to “Una, my beloved pet hamster”

  1. Alex Says:

    Una looks wet! XD. Well, losing a pet is a sad thing and i also feel sad for it. Well, we all have to move on, so just keep the memories deep in your heart. That’s my advise.

  2. isabellaweblog Says:

    Thanks Alex. Yes, Una just had his bath when the photos was taken. Luckily, I have taken many photos of Una.

  3. Part 1 - Discover The Facts About Your Overweight Dog Says:

    […] Una, my beloved pet hamster […]

  4. eric Says:

    veri cute hamster…XD feel wanna squeeze it…haha

  5. Isabella Says:

    Yeah, it was very cute indeed.

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