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Stop crowing rooster!

September 30, 2008

Not long ago, I paid a visit to my cousins. The once baby rooster that my cousin Calvin kept as his pet had grown into a giant rooster. Gosh! I have never seen such a big rooster before. It was kept in it’s den and when I went to have a closer look at it, it just kept crowing not stop. My KoKo said that it’s a show off. Calvin, my cousin told us that his giant rooster will peck people if given the chance. I dare not go too near it’s den as I was afraid that it might fly out and attack me. I enjoy going over to my cousin’s house because he has so many pets. He has 4 fierce dogs, 6 cute puppies, 5 fighting fish, 3 turtles and 6 cats. He is so lucky because his mom allows him to have so many pets. It was one noisy night because the rooster won’t stop crowing and the dogs bark non-stop whenever they see us.

kokko….kook,koke,kook….. 🙂

WOO! What a beautiful bird!

Here rooster, rooster. Oh no! I think I caught his attention.

Wanna see if who can scream louder??

Hey you! Stop that crowing. It’s rude!

Scary fierce dog. Bark non-stop.

Ah…. that’s better.

Aren’t they cute. They belong to my cousin, Calvin.  These puppies are only 1 week old. One died a few days ago.


I like to move it!

September 29, 2008

I like to move it, move it ……. yeah! I love Madgascar. When I first laid my hands on the movies, I couldn’t stop playing it. I watched like 3 or 4 times a day and everyday, never getting tired of it. I drove my brothers nuts.

I would sing the song and drew pictures of Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. When we were Kuala Lumpur, I would look for the Madgascar’s soft toys at every toys shop available. I was desperate to have a collection of them. Imagine from Sungei Wang Plaza to One Utama.

I finally got my Marty at One Utama. I remember that it was the last one left on the shelve and there was a little fault in it so dad got the sales rep to give us a discount. I was so happy that I took it with me everywhere I go. The only character that I don’t have in my collection is Gloria.

I love it, love it, love it…..

Little ballerina

September 28, 2008

Dancing is so much fun ( if you don’t have to follow any rules). Yeah! I like dancing. Free style that is. I just swing and sway to the music that I enjoy. On the other hand, in dancing class, it is different because if instruction is not followed, then the teacher will scold. I like to watch the ballerina dance. They are so graceful. I hope one day, I’ll be able to dance like a ballerina. Look at my little ballerina dance.

Oooh! I see so many stars.

doing the tip toe

dance to the music, dance….

doing the pointe tendu

Ballerina doing the split

Now it’s my turn. Oh no! Have I been standing this long that the grass has grown on me

Helping out.

September 27, 2008

Last post was about ‘moving’. Finally, the renovation work for the new office is complete. Yeah! I am so happy cos I can tag along and lend my helping hands or eyes or ears or legs …….. 🙂 There are so many things to do and I know I will be of great help to everyone. Hey! don’t underestimate me. I can contribute some kind of help …….. like maybe entertaining. I think that ‘s an excellent idea. It will brighten up the place and everyone will surely enjoy it. Don’t believe me. Watch these…↓

Tiiing! i see an idea popping up above my head

Music please. Come on everybody…….

Alright! the night is still young….

Oh no! I think I’ve embarrassed myself

So much hard work. I think I deserved 5 loves…..

Bye Bye!

September 26, 2008

A few days ago, I dropped by my parents office to have a last look at the place. You see, they will be shifting to their new office soon. What is left of this place is a total chaos. It is so, so sad to say goodbye as I’ve been playing in here since I was just a terrible 2 ( that’s what mom told me). I always buy my ice-cream from the grocery store downstairs. It’s like a second home to me. It’s almost empty now. I am going to miss this place. “sniff” 😦

This is the hallway that I used to walked a lot when I was a terrible 2 🙂

Look! I’ve found something. Huh???? I think it is …… band. hehehe……..

We have been robbed!

Very happy with my ‘find’.. I wonder how much will it worth??

Nothing valuable to find in here.

I still want a cat

September 25, 2008

Remember my earlier post about wanting to adopt a cat. I also mentioned that I wanted to ask my mummy again. Well, I did but not verbally. I decided to put my desire on paper in the form of a storyboard. After that I showed it to my mom. This is how I explained to her ……..

Teacher Cat was reading a story to her student, Hamster. The story is about love.

A little girl loves to have a kitten for a pet. It so happens that her teacher wanted to give her a kitten. She told her teacher she needs to ask her mummy first.

When her mummy said NO!, the little girl was very sad. Hamster started to cry when she heard the story. Teacher Cat tries to comfort Hamster.

Teacher Cat had an idea. She told Hamster that perhaps they can help the little girl’s mummy to change her mind.

Maybe they can give ‘Mummy’ a book about having pets.

Teacher Cat and Hamster like the idea.

After reading the book, mummy will change her mind and the little girl can have her kitten.

The little girl will be so happy that she can brings the kitten home.

Hamster will be rewarded with a surprise present and Teacher Cat with a plate of yummy fish.

Well, mom read it and in the end, she says ‘NO’ again.

Should I try again? Maybe, I will try a different approach. I need to convince mom. Time is running out before the little kitty is being adopted by someone else.

Oh de.. de… dear me! Hee……lp KOKOs!